Present Square


6/9/2020 – Two new Songs as a Single Release on Spotify

5/13/2020 – New Music Video for the Single Ich Frage

3/8/2020 – Video of Performance at Radio Fritz Unsigned

Postponed! Present Square on Tour as Opening Band of former CAN singer Damo Suzuki and his Network in Italy!

Present Square is a statement from the Berlin art scene. Artist and musician Lorina Speder leads the independent band as singer and guitarist and performs regularly in alternative spaces of the city. The German and English lyrics of Present Square’s characteristic KrautPop songs discuss subjects like communication, perception and visibility.

For writing songs and the artistic process of the band Lorina collaborates with artist Milo Frielinghaus. In live performances, she is joined by a collective of musicians. In past concerts she shared the stage with Milo Frielinghaus, Jari Haapalainen, Nicola Lopez, drummer Stella Tumidei and Domenica Teran Iturralde on the bass.